Yes, its hard for me tapi kan i rather move on than i lost my friend. Eventhough macam tiba tiba macam ni, tapi ntah lah rasanya this is the time. Kalau tak sampai bila kan. I always tell people that everything is fine, semua benda jadi ada reason, kalau benda nak jadi, dia akan jadi and bla bla. Now i realize that i even cant do that. yes, i motivate myself but its not enough kot because of this thing so called 'hope'. That thing yg buat stuck. Ishhhh go away lahhhh 'hope'. So yeah, benda benda tu semua is my past. let bygone be bygone. And start a new chapter. Thats the best i can do. I think i'm going to get over it and live my life with joy and happiness for both dunia and akhirat. Wish me luck. Hello again, sara. InsyaAllah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..... :)

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