So long i haven't post anything here. yeah, so many things to say but actually i dont know how and where to start at. I preferred begin with school things. Okay im done with spm and automatically im done with school. yes, no more wake up early in the morning then get ready to go to school, school uniform, the assembly, and whatsoever. I'll miss my the-only person sat next to me since 2008, Adlin Khalil. and of course, rindu gila my schoolmates yg nampak setiap hari tuuu. btw, my schmates semuanya handsome-handsome and cantik-cantik you allssss hihi :D The examination went well, Alhamdulillah. taaaapi the results tu hmhm taktahu lah. i had try my best and the rest tu kita tawakal je lah. Just pray for the best, InsyaAllah :) actually, Im not really happy when the school's end it just like i feel soooo released dah habis spm. Sedih pun ada jugak -.- okay lah sumpah im not in the mood nak tulis panjang2 kat sini thats why merepek je banyak. later lah kita cerita eh. haha so yeah. OHHH before that, i'd registered the driving license,start next week, i hope everything goes well. Amiiiin. wish me luck! Toodles.

p/s : my last day school on 13.12.11, Cantik gila date! #kau ada? hahaha kbye