Life sucks.

Spm is actually just around the corner. do more more more effort, focus in class, be serious in study and bla bla bla. Make them proud.

Dont trust people easily.

Forget the past.

Choose the right friends.

Spend more time with family and friends.

School's end. :(

My love never end.

*this is sooooo random, bye*

Adlin Khalil :)

You always make me smile. you make my day. you make me happy. you make me sad jugak kadang kadang :P haha *jk*. Okay, This is what we call life. Im so grateful to have you in my life for 4 years and still counting. you're the one who always hear all my story, and be besides me everyday without failed unless during school holidays or tak datang sekolah aka ponteng. uuuuu. thanks for everything. i really appreciate what you had done. thanks again, cinnamon. we need each other and cant deny it. bahahaha I love you till the end ;)

jap jap, korang ada ke duduk sebelah sebelah dalam kelas dgn org sama untuk 4 tahun? kalau ada call eh. bye haha

Im sorry. :'(

To 1st person : Im sorry for all the wrong behaviour. I know its my fault. but i cant stop thinking what you will do. I just dont know how to say, but please dont. thats all. bytheway, whatever you will do, i hope i can accept with good grace. I understand on what you feel.

To 2nd person : Please tell me what happened. I really really need to know whats going on. serious. I understand your situation. but please do tell me. Im lost here. I dont have any idea about this thing. i dont know what will going to happen after this. Im scared, i just need you :(

To 3rd person : Thank you, for everything! have fun there, dude.

p/s : I will always love you.


you know my name, not my story. You've heard what i've done but not what i've been through. So people, dont judge. Thank you.


Okay according to the title, dah tahu kan what i want to post abt. Arsenal will come here soon. In July. sumpah nak pergi gila gila dia punya match. hopefully ticket dia adaaa laagiiii. im waiting fr this moment to come. and yeah, bila dah ada the chances takkan nak let it go je kan. hihi



sampai bila oh kena macam nii? :/ I miss youuuuuu. I hope benda ni tak lama. tak sampai berapa mins dah rindu gila nak mati. serious. kbye. I love you :)

p/s : kaklini, kanda, madya. oh my life so perfeccttt! Hihi