tak nampak ke?

My heart seriously want to scream. If only i can let it out as easy as ABC. so since i can't do that thing or even tell you, please realize that I really like you and i'm totally into you.
honestly, me.

feeling nothing

i hope one day when i talk or text you, i'll feel nothing. at least i know i'm strong enough to face this and my 'move on' decision is worth it.

renungan 1

harini aku belajar sesuatu. kalau kita ada masalah, jangan terus rasa marah, bengang, serabut atau pun apa apa. sebab kita kena ingat, orang di bawah kita which is, ada lagi orang yang tgh ada masalah lagi teruk dari kita. so apa yg kita boleh buat, we try to find a way to solve the problem. and ask forgiveness from Allah and ask for Him's help. i think that way is the best way. anything yg kita kaitkan dengan Allah mesti semua akan jadi smooth. :) InsyaAllah.



i really want to talk to you or yeah since zaman sekarang ni org jarang guna text kan, so i would like to say that i really want to whatsapp you. everyday im hoping theres a whatsapp text from you. but i know it wont happen. i know you wouldn't even remember me. even at my side kalau boleh mmg nak try whatsapp dulu. but im scared if its annoy you, you're busy, you dont feel like whatsapp-ing me, you are not in a good mood, i whatsapp you at the wrong time or anything else.... it just im scared. i know i should try but i dont know why i think of those things then tak jadi -.-" maybe im not confident enough with myself kot. ntah. haihhhh ok harap sesiapa terasa. lol. hahahahaaha byeeeee.