I know i can't have you. but i dont know why my heart need you.


people doesn't care and why should i? yes, i always ask that kind of question to myself and yet i am still doing the same thing. even i know what the result will be. i just can't.

F everything up!

idk what is going on with me. i made something stupid lately. the decision, the word, and also the act. i'm lost. thats what i felt recently.

tahun baru.

So 2012 already end. Yes i cant deny that 2012 such a memorable year with good people. its really a tough year for me. I faced new things, lost the one i loved, and made new good friends. Alhamdulillah, semua pun okay and yg paling penting tak banyak drama. heheh i think its a year that i put on too much hope. I made mistake, the big one. and i regret. totally regret. even though its hard for me to face the reality, but at least i know how strong i am. so yeah, i believe that everything happens for a reason.

for 2013, i'm sure there'll be new chances,new challenges,new hopes, a little bit of happiness and sadness,but all i want is another good year ♥ Insyaallah.

I would like to say that i'm sorry for the all wrong doings towards all of you either with my intention or not. Thank you for those who made my 2012 full of cheerful and happiness. Lets open up a new chapter of our life and make it more meaningful. While dont forget to find Allah's barakah. InsyaAllah. :)