blog letter

to : someone so called love.
from : me

Awak, study elok elok tau. kalau nak buat something, think about your future, your parents, your dreams. yes, dreams can come true kalau kita motivate diri kita to achieve that dreams. i still remember, apa awak nak jadi besar nanti. its good for you to have that kind of ambition. tapi kena ingat juga, kalau kita ada ambition tinggi, tapi takda effort ke arah tu, benda tu tak ke mana kan. your dream is waiting for you, so its your choice to make your dream come true or just let it be a dream. i think its still not too late. you can study harder starting from now. im sure, your parents will be the happiest person on earth kalau dia tgk awak success in your life. :) *well, i think semua parents macam tu kan,including mine* so yeah, i know you can do it. you are smart! you need to know that. Whatever it is, i just want you to know that i'll always support you from behind. Always. I dont want you to feel like you're alone, theres no one for you or wtv. I'll always here, for you. and i do care about you. Take care. Xx

sincerely, sara.

p/s : note to self and others ;)

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