Course study

I am now studying at UiTM Dungun. Which is the same place where my parents pernah study. hahaha jodoh agaknya satu family belajar tempat sama. Im studying Public Administration. Yes, diploma je. tapi Alhamdulillah lah atleast dapat sambung belajar kan. hehe hm ramai orang tanya DPA ni study pasal apa. Okay ni nak cerita sikit, kitorang belajar semua. ecehhh semua lah sangat kan haha but its true. benda yg rasa takde kena mengena pun kena belajar juga such as multimedia, accounting, management lah apa bagai. and i dont even have a clue why i have to study all that yg macam takda kaitan. The killer subject for this course is PAD. all type of PAD. Baru 1st sem so baru belajar pad120. the subject is okay, i like the subject but then nak dapat markah for finals, Ya Allah. takleh nk cakap susah dia. Okay stop about subjects. Basically public admin is about how the government govern our country. (Based on what i had studied) and of course, dia ada juga masuk pasal politics. and we MUST know, about current issue inside and out the country. This thing is kind of interesting for me, because for all this while i dont even care about my country and now, i have to know all about it! ahaha but for whom that has no interest in this thing, better jangan ambil this course sebab i admit, susah gila nak bawak. But idk lah kan, it just an advice. (:

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