The conversation ♥♥♥

To the person, *you know who you are* I just want to say that i had a great heart to heart conversation with you. hihi we're talking about facts, school, friends, country, history,love and merepek2 tu pun ada jugak en. haha best gilaaaa okay! serious. bila part confession tu masing2 nak segan. haha comel comel jelahh. Know what, kalau boleh everyday nak macamtu. but then since both of us form 5 kan, so takpe, relax dulu, nnt habis spm, haaa apalagi en. haha and thank you like a million times because you were there when i need someone to talk to. Never failed. #sofar.hehe whatever it is, I love you. Still and always do :') remember that, love!